This was such an enjoyable necklace to put together. It takes time to decide on the combination for pieces like these. I deliberate for days! Usually there is the whiff of an idea with some beads I already have and then the whole project takes on a life of it's own. So we have transparent orange and olive green, coral, camel, ivory, and a touch of lustre. Colour and pattern are repeated so there is a sense of order going on. Threaded on 3mm leather (plenty robust for this many beads) and finished with a parrot clasp. The total length is 18 inches or 46cm. To be honest the whole idea would look good as an adjustable necklace like so many of my other pieces but I kinda like the way it is. If you think 18" is just too short I could make it longer so if you're interested contact me on nalda@westnet.com.au for customising.