Posy - Crazy Daizy


This posy features daisies with colours spiralling towards the centre. Quite a fun project that makes the whole process much longer but produces interesting results. I've paired these with orange bells and steel grey leaves. These all sit in a vintage bottle that measures 7.5cm hight and an overall height of 12.5cm. The flowers are all formed in the flame and attached to recycled copper wire. Bound together this collection is simply placed into the vase with small adjustments possible. Be careful not to bend the wire acutely next to the glass attachment.
Altogether there are 17 stems in this collection.

Click on the link below to watch a video of me showing off this collection.


Handle with care, this item is made of glass and may break on impact with hard surfaces.

Hand made in my Busselton studio in the Margaret River Region of South Western Australia.