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Posy - Yellow Daisies

$100.00 - $105.00

A collection of yellow daisies with pink bells, aqua starflowers and aqua leaves.
There's no rules when glassmaking! I like colour and play with unusual combinations. There are 20 flower and leaf elements here all formed in the flame and attached to recycled copper wire. I have bound this group together so they are easily placed in the bottle with small adjustments possible. Be careful not to bend the wire where the glass attaches to the wire, otherwise the wire is quite flexible. I have chosen a vintage bottle weathered from exposure to the elements with some chips on the rim. Bottle height is 8.5cm and overall height is 12.5cm.

Please note that you can choose the posy only in the options although keep in mind the bunch will look best in something of a similar height.

Below is a link to see a short video of this posy and the vintage bottle that is supplied with it.


Handle with care, this item is made of glass and may break on impact with hard surfaces.

Hand made in my Busselton studio in the Margaret River Region of South Western Australia.