Earrings - Delft Blue Teardrops


Delft Blue is a beautiful semi opaque/translucent colour. These shapes are formed in the flame with the glass attached to Sterling Silver wire. Once the glass is annealed I can clean, form and polish these to hooks ready to wear. A very elegant simple design with the addition of small silver round beads where the glass and wire meet. Actual glass shape is 13mm x 17.5mm and overall length from top of hooks to base of teardrop is 33mm.

I will supply savers to slide on the back of these hooks but these extra long hooks should prevent loss. Please note that I do not supply a single earring in the event of losing one.

Handle with care, this item is made of glass and may break on impact with hard surfaces.

Hand made in my Busselton studio in the Margaret River Region of South Western Australia.