Looking Out

$68.00 - $75.00

Another one of a kind pendant here. This time reactive blue glass under clear encasement swimming in ivory with whirlpools and eyes looking out. Husband noticed the reverse side looks like two bird heads interlocked. I'm always thinking about the ocean or the cosmos making these and they are never the same.

Metal components are Stirling Silver.

Measures 33mm across and 11mm deep at the centre tapering at the sides.

Pendant is supplied with a 24" silk cord necklace or a 18" rubber necklace, or both. Easily interchangeable with anything you may already have and I recommend either heavy link or woven silver neckpieces.

Below is a short video of me wearing this in either of the options with some footage of the pendant in sunlight. Click on the link to go to my You Tube channel where you could also watch other short clips of me wearing my current collection.


Please handle with care.

Hand made in my Busselton studio in the southwest of Western Australia.