Alessandra - Adjustable Necklace


Meet Alessandra - an adjustable length necklace featuring the warmth of ivory with lustre tending to greens. Just beautiful worn here with khaki or equally so with colours in the autumn palette.

Altogether there are 20 handmade glass elements including the slider bead which makes lengthening and shortening a breeze, bead caps for the ends of the rubber material and the 17 beads that are the main event.

There is a beautiful reactive nature to the glass used in this necklace. The richness of the lustre glass causes curdling effects in the base ivory colour. Always something to discover!

I have used dots, spirals, flowers and scrolls as pattern elements.

Largest bead is 21mm round with sizes graduating down to 10mm.

Hand made in my Busselton studio in the Margaret River Region of South Western Australia.