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Ramona - Adjustable Necklace


Welcome to Ramona!

Pools of amethyst colour over white feature in the focal of this adjustable length necklace. Paired with a steel grey known and silver plum. Silver Plum develops very pretty surface colouration and shouldn't really be called just a steel grey. It's almost Tahitian pearl like in its subtle colours and matt texture.

Some repetition in colour and shape give this a calm but interesting feel.

Use the slider bead to adjust length and wear long or short.

Largest bead 22mm round with sizes graduating down to 9mm.

Earrings photographed are in separate listings.

Below is a link to see a short video of me wearing this. I show how easy it is to adjust the length and what this piece looks like in and out of the sun. My You Tube channel has a lot of short videos of me wearing my jewellery helping you to choose between pieces.


Hand made in my Busselton studio in the Southwest of Western Australia.

Please handle with care.